Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Stop the diet today and replace the whole concept...

I am a chocoholic with a six pack! 

Granted I do plenty of exercise and this is exactly my point. 
Because of exercise we can all not only eat, but really enjoy food too.

Pole Fitness Studios
Exercise naturally encourages us to do more exercise plus eat more and healthier food.

If you allocate more time to activities like Pole Fitness you will not only eat less because you are at the gym but also want to eat healthier due to needing the extra nutrition when you are finished.

You also boost your serotonin and endorphin levels making you happier and therefore more willing to want to eat the better option at the time.

Regularly do a food plan overhaul. Replace unhealthy or simply add yummy healthy stuff to the cupboard.

Dried fruit, fresh berries and nuts plus nutrient enriched foods (e.g. spinach, chia seeds) into your daily Smoothy. 

Continue to mix up your dinner choices making them a little healthier each time.

Be aware of what you eat all week and give yourself a well deserved lush break when you need to. Reward is the essence of success.

Choose foods that boost your energy and help get you moving!

Vertical pole gymnastics is a thorough and fun exercise plan guaranteed to change your habits for the better.

Become a chocoholic with a six pack! 

Pole exercise every week means you can have your cake and eat it too!

Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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Does your fitness regime inspire you?

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Looking for pole dancing OR Pole Fitness in Sydney Australia; Student testimonials...

Our pole studio is dedicated to your fitness, comfort and personal progression in vertical pole gymnastics!

Proud to be purely focused on the instruction of pole skills with no dance affiliation.

Established over a decade in Canterbury, our Client Feedback is the best way for you to know if Pole Fitness Studios is the pole studio for you...

Christiann Rouhana says...
"Doing pole; I've seen my body transform into a healthier, toned and more athletic me. It keeps me fit all year round and the rewards are instant! Angela is an excellent teacher and has given me the invaluable training and confidence to execute moves I never thought were possible."   

Jazlyn Reynolds says...
"As an ex-gymnast, Pole Fitness(c) presented me with similar physical and mental challenges whilst being in a less competitive environment. The exercise kept me relaxed and driven throughout my final year of high school. The staff and other students make my classes comfortable and fun." 

Amie Galanos says... 
"Prior to finding Pole Fitness I was regularly seeing the physio, I had to because of the back pain I was suffering. In the last 12 months, since pole, I haven't needed to go, not once!"

Anna Nguyen says... 
"I can't wait for everyday to end and for pole to start! Angela Perry does an amazing job."

Glenn Barker says... 
"Without pole I would not have the full range of movement, in my wrists, that I have now! 
I used Hanging exercises for my back and 'Forearm' Handstands at first but now I am able to do everything. I love Pole Fitness so much!" 

Elisa Nguyen says...
"Pole Fitness has become an integral part of my daily lifestyle and exercise curriculum. It has helped me improve my health and fitness immensely. The studio is an amazing place to meet others with similar fitness goals. Angela and Linda are absolute inspirations to the sport. I love every moment when I am there. 

Max Spessot says...
"After moving to Sydney and visiting a variety of pole studios, it took me a while to find one that was perfect for me but after visiting Ange at Pole Fitness Studios, I was instantly captivated. Angela Perry is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor who brings out the best in all her students. Every class I feel comfortable and welcome, knowing I'm not only going to get an amazing workout but also have a great time doing so!"

Kayla Psaradellis says...
"Pole Fitness has changed my life, I've accomplished results, I believed I would never achieve. Angela is the most incredible fitness teacher I've come across, she constantly encourages and supports me in any way possible. I have finally found a studio where I feel comfortable within myself.
All the staff and students there work as a team and play like a family!

Gloria Nguyen says...
"I love Pole Fitness. Pole has helped me strengthen my core and different muscle groups especially compared to other strength classes.
The staff are great, catering to different levels and making each session a good workout." 

Lansi Lin says...
"Ever since starting pole I have been feeling a lot stronger and fitter. I'm always looking forward to class and feel amazing afterwards. 
I have never been good at sports but am proud to say that I have finally found a sport that I am passionate about and therefore motivated to do!
The Instructors are amazing, passionate, fun and very patient."

"Anyone can do it,at their own pace and we celebrate each others successes, big or small, I would definitely recommend it to all ages and gender."   

Don't hesitate to try a class for yourself and see if vertical pole gymnastics has this sort of positive effect on your life!
More testimonials available on the website www.polefitness.com.au

Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Pole Fitness Studios® Grading - Looking for a Pole Fitness/Gym Challenge in Sydney Australia?

I am here to help you get started on your fun filled Pole Fitness journey... simply choose the correct level on our Timetable to be comfy. 

If you are a new student; choose a
 'New Beginner Only' Class time on the Timetable.  

After approximately 2 - 4 x 'New Beginner Only' level classes, to then attend the many 'Beginner' level class times you have to choose from on the Timetable.

This enables you to complete the beginner level of vertical pole gymnastics and will be rewarded...  

I have included our PFS Grading Progression Chart...

So you can see how your vertical pole gymnastics skill-set is assessed and what classes on the Timetable are perfect for you, now and in the near future! 

Receiving a…

polefitness.com.auWhite Sweatband; represents that you have successfully mastered the Foundation Level of vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios®
-      You will be comfortable when attending the Beginner Level classes on the timetable.

Blue Sweatband; represents that you have successfully mastered the Beginner Level of vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios®
-      You are welcome to start attending Intermediate Level, Open 1 classes on the timetable.

Red Sweatband; represents that you have successfully mastered Intermediate 1 Level of vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios®
-      You will be comfortable when attending the Open 1 classes on the timetable.

Purple Sweatband; represents that you have successfully mastered the Intermediate 2 Level of vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios®
-      You are welcome to start attending Advanced Level, Open 2 classes on the timetable.

Black Sweatband; represents that your vertical pole gymnastics Level at Pole Fitness Studios® is Advanced, congratulations!
-      You will be comfortable when attending the Advanced Level, Open 2 classes on the timetable.

Photo Session Saturdays – first Saturday of every month.  
A fabulous fun way to capture your skills, show them to friends and check yourself… photos make an excellent learning tool and the opportunity to be thoroughly assessed for Grading.

See you in a Pole Fitness Studios class this week!


Angela Perry 

Leader in the field of 
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
@ Pole Fitness Studios

Monday, 15 December 2014

Aren't we all a child at heart?

How much of a kid at heart are you?
Tick the boxes below, that you can relate to and find out...
Fun rides and water park slides
Attending parties and eating Cake
Drinking yummy stuff
Dressing up and Shopping
Getting and Giving gifts   
Holding hands and Kissing
Making Friends 
Rolling or Bouncing 
Swimming and Running
Dancing and Musical expression 
Crafts and mechanics
TV, Games and Movies
Hanging and swinging from something 
or just Hanging around...

You know it, we are all kids at heart!

Hang, spin, flip and climb your way into a happier healthier you with vertical pole gymnastics.

Looking for the perfect fitness, as an adult, that will have you acting and feeling like a big kid again!?

Book a Pole Fitness class today and make your inner child smile!

Pole Fitness Studios
Pole Flag at 6 years old!
Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

I ticked most all of these boxes and freestyle dancing is still my favorite...I am such a kid at heart.
vertical pole gymnastics
Daisy aged 6 Monkey Climbing
vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Looking for fitness in Sydney Australia that will inspire you?

"My favourite hour of the day" +Paula Dooley said this morning.
Because Pole Fitness is most inspirational!

Vertical Pole Gymnastics 
It's hard to fail, but it's worse to never have tried to succeed.

When vertical pole gymnastics offers you a fun challenging experience and takes care of all your health and body beautiful needs,
It would simply be a shame not to take advantage of this fitness journey!

The initial challenges or hurdles you will experience when starting at Pole Fitness Studios (and they are different for everyone) are a reflection of what you are experiencing in life everyday... because your fitness, work, interest and hobbies all effect one another.  

Understanding and practicing your basic motor skills and creating discipline with your fitness needs, is exactly the place to start when keen to enhance your life.

Eliminate depression, back stress and be ready for all those things life throws your way.
Get into a Pole Fitness class today and see if vertical pole gymnastics changes your life for the better!

Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Is the community selfish or ignorant to the Pole facts...

Pole dancing is simply not appropriate for kids.
However vertical pole gymnastics is fantastic; for everyone.

Sofia, a student of mine, is 8 years old.
She did a perfect Half Split Hold with no hands and Flips, Climbs and Locks, like a gymnast champion.

Sofia has absolutely loved the Pole Fitness Studios program for 2 years now and is now at Squad level gymnastics because of her pole skill set and the gymnastic grooming it offers.
vertical pole gymnastics
No Handed Half Split

I would never incorporate any kind of dance when instructing pole gymnastics (especially not striptease or erotic dance).

These are two individual movement patterns/types (dance and pole)... Combining them creates convolution, the students complete understanding of why, how, when and what they are doing on the pole is gravely effected.

Sofia is already combining some of the hundreds of pole exercises available, into amazing freestyle routines for fun, keeping her fitness training for longer periods of time while in class and completely engaged; May I remind you she is 8.

Gymnastic skills are basics motor skills, our most important requirement to practice, for all of us but especially kids when initially learning them.

Because people chose to combine these two skills (dance and pole), this does not define the pole, instead enhances the clarity between what pole product is for adults only and then appropriate for fitness and kids.

Here are examples of pole gymnastics in other countries...

Pole Mallakhamb (predominantly kids pole sport)

Chinese Pole  (circus pole act)

Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Need help with back pain?

When reading alone; a computer screen makes you lean forward, where as a hard copy allows you to lean backward. 

In this day and age, we all need to realign our backs, at least once a week...

The solution is Pole Fitness

You will be required to reach up and relax down into a hanging position on the pole.

A wonderful way to sort out an aching back in less than 5 minutes!

Correct posture issues, strengthen your back and shoulder muscles, stretch your spine into a pain free life.

Vertical pole gym is super fun, always offers a challenge and improves the quality of everything in life.

A must try, book today!
vertical pole gymnastics
Double Arm Hang
Vertical Pole Gymnastics

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Looking for a fun place to hang, crew of people and thing to do...

The word love & fun gets thrown around so regularly in the studio, it's simply awesome!
Pole Fitness students of course enjoy the program, but also each other's progress and companionship too, 

Arrow Arm Grip with Half Split Leg Line
The entire process is super cool, as are the people I get to hang with on a regular basis x:)
I love pole fitness so much and it's been 15 years now.

This is undeniably an interesting sport, that I know will keep me entertained forever.

When a hobby and interest ticks the boxes for your health and body sculpting needs, your life is massively improved.

Don't miss out on this experience, especially if you are needing a more stimulating life...

Try it today!
Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Friday, 7 November 2014

What is the very best exercise available and why?

The Institute of Sport recommend gymnastics to kids (and adults) because it focuses on our basic motor skills and natural movement patterns of the human body... It's natural & practical.

Daisy - Monkey Climbing 
Aged 6
Kids are not only more active than adults but they are fearless, willing to try any and all of the apparatus available in the gymnasium.

Generally adults are not as keen, swamped in with life's responsibilities, often cradling joint issues and can totally fathom the burden of hurting ourselves if it goes wrong.

Awesome news... when conditioning your body vertical pole is superior to the other apparatus available in the gymnasium because there is no need to 'release grips' or for 'separate landings' from the apparatus.

Vertical pole is the most gentle on your body and mind.

Even the Rope does not allow for the comfortable 'slide out' emergency exit, that pole offers!
Iris - Monkey Climbing aged 72

Slide down out of an exercise mistake, rather than having to release and land, means Pole Fitness Studios offers the easier of the gymnastic apparatus's making it perfect for adult gymnastics!

Exercise is an essential part of living a healthy and happy life, marking the time and effort, reaps major rewards.

Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Looking for a super fun fitness, hobby and interest?

Sydney Australia has a vertical pole gymnasium like no other called Pole Fitness Studios.

Pole Fitness Studios
Miss Linda Lam
PFS(c) Instructor
A pole program that will quickly have you hanging, flipping, spinning, climbing and doing handstands, even if you have never been able to do these things in the past!

Awesome fun when you are able to master something for the first time.

And with vertical pole gymnastics there are literally hundreds of fun new exercises to learn and master, keeping you addicted for life.

With the spinning pole comes aerodynamic sensations, that bring on light weight floaty fun feelings!

Learn the individual pole exercises at the pace that is perfect for you. 

PFS is a super friendly, totally encouraging environment with passionate, talented staff that care about your pole fitness progress. 

Pole makes us happy, look and feel better about ourselves, making life more fun! 

A must try, life changing experience.
Diamond Hold
No Handed

Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

Would you recommend vertical pole gymnastics as something 'fun' to do?

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Don't hire a personal trainer...

Personal Training is super expensive and may not be the best option for you.

Director - Angela Perry
Wrap with Split Leg Extension
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
By Angela Perry director of Pole Fitness Studios
Especially compared to vertical pole gymnastics being the very best personal fitness training available plus chops your workout time in half!!

You will be guided and assessed the entire time and Pole Fitness is super motivating!

Pole Fitness Studios offers fantastic group personal training sessions, a pole per person and the programme tailors itself to suit all your personal needs.

You will immediately be able to do certain pole exercises with ease, strengthening and flexing you out and preparing you for the huge range of more advanced exercises that keep you motivated for life.

In class you will naturally progress from the PFS beginner exercises to intermediate and then advanced, always training at the pace that suits you.

Because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, this awesome pole program allows you to quickly excel in your favourite exercise arenas.

Vertical pole gymnastics activated every muscle in your body; stretching while strength building.

Why spend $80 a hour on a personal trainer when Pole Fitness is less than half the price and twice the value?!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Do I need to condition my body and improve my fitness, to start pole exercise?

If you can hop, skip and jump, you are ready to pole! 

Upside-down Lock Layout
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
at Pole Fitness Studios(r)
No need to do anything else, vertical pole gymnastics does it all... This gymnastic apparatus, conditions you in and peaks you out! 

Gymnastics is the No.1 fitness according to the Fitness Institute of Sport.

Overweight people of course feel heavier when starting Pole Fitness however the spinning pole offers an aerodynamic sensation that is fun and makes your workout lighter than ever before.

Plus carrying more means losing more; this added weight strengthens you up immediately, creating more muscle to eat away the fat!

If it is strength building or flexibility you need, the programme will challenge you offering you a greater range of exercises. Resulting in an even stronger more defined body!

Pole is guaranteed to tone you up fast and add muscle mass where required.

You may not be able to do everything as quickly as you please but there are plenty of pole exercises to practice while strengthening and stretching your body for the others, given time.

Everyone poles at there own pace, such is life. 
Unique is the key, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and need to play on our strengths!

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Why do people beat themselves up over their pole exercise progression?

If you are able to hop skip and jump, you are able to pole!

There are a few reasons why people may not progress within vertical pole gymnastics as fast as they may like and none are worth throwing you off your Pole Fitness workout...

A. Technical - Learning, then remembering the exercise breakdown and then perfect practice makes perfect. This is a process.

B. Ability - You wouldn't expect to walk into a regular gym, for the first time in ages, and pick up the large dumb-bell weights. You want to, but know your bodies weight lifting limits and use the medium/small instead. Building strength and enhancing flexibility is a process no matter what your fitness level.

C. Expectation - Pole is a motor skill. Once you master the basic techniques you never forget them, so we have high expectations and can simply miss part of the aerodynamic exercise formula required.

D. Conditioning - We are are keen jelly beans and it is inevitable that Pole Fitness will get you into the exact fitness and body shape you desire. Be patient with the process!

This emphasizes the importance of a highly skilled Pole Fitness Instructor, there to remind you of the many intricate formula requirements to safely master vertical pole gymnastics!

After learning a Pole Fitness exercise, we are quickly keen to master them all! 

A fabulously powerful fitness motivator, perfect for all your body sculpting and fitness needs.

Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Vertical Pole Gymnastics by
Pole Fitness Studios(r)

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Do you love vertical pole gym? 

Friday, 3 October 2014

What is cuter than having the kids at Pole Fitness Studios(c) throughout the school holidays?

When Mya aged 5, saw Daisy aged 6 was actually doing the class Wednesday morning, her beautiful little face had lit up and then froze, with a dropped jaw, in awe of Daisy's skill level on the pole!

When they first arrive at the studio, kids play, then patently watch and wait for mummy to finish class.

After class finishes, seeing "Miss" (that's me lol), getting their mums to do the fun and amazing climbs, handstands, flips and spins...

vertical pole gymnastics
Daisy aged 6
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Monkey Climb
It's lovely to see, when they are next on the pole floor, these children immediately start to concentrate on the formulas, I insist upon, knowing it will work better for them!

They love vertical pole gymnastics and kids are such naturals at mastering these gymnastic motor skills. 

It's not long until the school holidays like these come round and they are asking/nagging to be bought in for a Pole Fitness class!

Please know we do not include any dance at all at or any time at Pole Fitness Studios, children are welcome to attend our classes, being purely focused on the hundreds of vertical pole gymnastic skills to learn.

Would you allow your child to do vertical pole gymnastics?

Friday, 26 September 2014

How to improve your sex life...

No kinky stuff or pole dancing required, this is a seriously fun sport that will turn you into an elastic band.

vertical pole gymnastics
One Handed Straddle
Natural happy high, pole gymnastics promotes Dopamine and Serotonin, neurotransmitters that are vital to our health and making you a happier person!

Pole Fitness(c) makes you feel good about your body and comfortable in your own skin.

Great bonding session and entertainment element, sharing the pole experience and chatting about your progress with your mate x:)

Achieving makes us proud and pride gives us confidence.

Vertical pole gymnastics makes you strong, enough to cope with what life and your partner dish out.

After getting into your vertical pole gymnastics routine, making love and keeping your partner happy, will be an even better experience than ever before!

Have you experienced a better sex life after becoming pole fit?
vertical pole gymnastics
Double Monkey with
Connected Arrow Leg Line

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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vertical pole gymnastics
Backward Arrow Arm Grip
with Forward Split Leg Line

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Why do people get 'Vertical Pole Gymnastics' and 'Pole Dancing' confused?

It's easy to understand why, when Pole Dancers of the past few decades, have been adding more and more gymnastics to the vertical pole, they are already swinging on.

Mixing the adult striptease dance style, together with any other activity, does not taint that activity forever, rather highlighting it... In the case of our Pole Fitness Industry causing mass confusion and recognition for vertical pole gymnastics, the existing sport!

Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Chinese Pole Performance
When Indian Mallahkamb and Chinese Pole were here first, it would be simply disrespectful to not recognize the Pole Fitness Industry independently from striptease or Pole Dancing; being the combination of both.
Be aware of Pole Dance studios cashing in on the respectable vertical pole gymnastics Fitness Industry 

vertical pole gymnastics
Indian Mallahkamb
Best to know if you are going to a Vertical Pole Gymnastics class, or an adult Industry Pole Dancing class... a niche market place and particular taste level... Wearing high heels, offering burlesque, lap dancing classes, mixing in striptease dance moves with some pole gymnastics. 

vertical pole gymnastics
Vertical Pole Gymnastics 

Why mix dance into your pole fitness Regime when there are thousands of amazing pole gymnastics exercises to learn and master?! 

We need to concentrate on the fundamentals of these aerodynamic pole exercises, individually, to really master them safely. Naturally broadening the range of  gymnastic exercises to workout with and display!

Mix with any other stuff, if you desire  (e.g. any dance style or flame throwing, playing an instrument etc.) easily, after you have mastered the pole gym skills!

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What is the best exercise for a flat tummy...

Handstands! Do not stop reading cause you won't need to start on your hands...

Vertical Pole gymnastics has a huge range of Handstand variations and the pole offers stability while practicing your form and strengthening up.

vertical pole gymnastics
Triangle Headstand
with Layout Leg Line
A Triangle Forearm or Headstand up against a wall, are all great ways to start.

Once mastered, Handstands have wonderful floaty feeling and insure abs of steel, so worth the hurdles and practice it takes to get there!

Balance is the key to core strength.

Do some research prior to starting - Be wary of correct hands, elbow and arm set ups and correct head placements.

Here are some Handstand tips...
vertical pole gymnastics
Flipper Handstand
with Z Leg Extension 
      1. Think of your hands/arm placements as, the foundation therefore must be perfectly aligned.
      2. To build or stack, your shoulders and hips, over the foundation, you must be looking at the foundation.
      3. Point your toes and keep feet/heels together to finish in a Dish gymnastics body shape.
The pole is an amazing balance aid and after choosing an arm foundation/style, I recommend Triangle or/& Straddle Leg Entrance to start practicing.

Pole Journal Australia
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When was the last time you did a Handstand?
Try a Pole Fitness Studios class today to get that flat tummy and those abs of steel that you desire! 

By Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics