Friday, 3 October 2014

What is cuter than having the kids at Pole Fitness Studios(c) throughout the school holidays?

When Mya aged 5, saw Daisy aged 6 was actually doing the class Wednesday morning, her beautiful little face had lit up and then froze, with a dropped jaw, in awe of Daisy's skill level on the pole!

When they first arrive at the studio, kids play, then patently watch and wait for mummy to finish class.

After class finishes, seeing "Miss" (that's me lol), getting their mums to do the fun and amazing climbs, handstands, flips and spins...

vertical pole gymnastics
Daisy aged 6
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Monkey Climb
It's lovely to see, when they are next on the pole floor, these children immediately start to concentrate on the formulas, I insist upon, knowing it will work better for them!

They love vertical pole gymnastics and kids are such naturals at mastering these gymnastic motor skills. 

It's not long until the school holidays like these come round and they are asking/nagging to be bought in for a Pole Fitness class!

Please know we do not include any dance at all at or any time at Pole Fitness Studios, children are welcome to attend our classes, being purely focused on the hundreds of vertical pole gymnastic skills to learn.

Would you allow your child to do vertical pole gymnastics?

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