Monday, 24 October 2016

Best Beauty Tips; by Angela+Perry Director - NSW - Pole+Fitness+Studios - Sydney - Vertical+Pole+Gymnasium - Aloe+Vera
Aloe Vera the perfect pole gymnasts moisturiser
Back to the basics is always best but what made it even more obvious for me was when I was on a mission to clear up a skin pole burn wound on my knee from cotton socks making it extreme

After a year of trying a number of cheap and very expensive products, that claimed to have the vitamins and minerals required to do the job... only to as you can assume give immediate moisture relief and moderate to almost no long term improvement

Aloe Vera worked great and in a matter of months almost completely gone!

So the vitamins and minerals are definitely there and then I said to myself; 
Why do we need the heavy creams especially under our eyes, at all?

Simply apply daily this almost 'no weight' gel that is Aloe Vera under and around the eyes, face and decolletage elbows and knees yep the entire body if you wish!

I feel and see a noticeable improvement. My skin feels hydrated even after liquid powder products being constantly applied for work.

Best still I can apply immediately prior to pole training
This is awesome as a pole gymnast because we must steer clear of greasy moisturizer creams. 

HOW = Twist one of the larger leaves of the base near the stem of the Aloe Vera plant. 
1. Rinse, tear a small square off it each day, as it will last up to a couple of weeks when left in the fridge. 
2. Pick off the spikes and edges, allowing the leaf to be opened exposing the gel and making application very easy.
3. Leave on your face as it vanishes into skin or rinse off if feeling residue, after a mere 5 minutes the vitamins have already been absorbed!

Warning - Do not apply to open wound.

Plus makes your eye skin feel tighter
It is free
Grows like crazy once mature and re-plaints/spreads with ease when re-potting 
x:) LOVE this African and indigenous Australian plant.

I highly recommend 
Angela Perry
vertical pole gymnastics
Pole Fitness Studios

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Looking for best pole schools in NSW - Pole+Fitness+Studios - Sydney... Vertical Pole Gymnasium

Here are a few of the reasons Pole Fitness Studios has a reputation for being the studio to attend...

A flexible Timetable and class skill level range meeting a variety of needs.

This gymnastics program has been refined over a decade to be more fun and effect than ever before!

The program offers Consistent Personally Goals and challenges tailored to your needs; Not a robotic routine created for the masses.

Experienced supportive and friendly staff

Soft landing on our industrial grade four inch rubber floor

Motor skill enhancement and pole gymnastic skills are the goal.

Your body shredding and molding into the best it can be, is the side effect x;)

Vertical pole gymnastics is a wonderful distraction from all the stresses that life throws your way

Pole Fitness is unlike any other style of fitness available.

Stay interested and maximize your fitness results while enjoying the aerodynamic ride

Angela Perry

Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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