Saturday, 25 April 2015

Weight loss & strength training venue tips; Not all pole fitness studios are the same...

Unfortunately they most certainly can effect each others reputation through public perception

Angela Perry

All over the world we are seeing vertical pole gymnastic skills mixed together with dance creating the new age of pole dancing. 

However by purely focusing on learning the breakdown of pole skills allows for a greater skill set, faster fitness gains and is much safer.

Angela Perry

Like the rope at the gymnasium, the pole is a conditioning apparatus and offers a much broader range of exercises than the rope 

Chinese Poler's wear long pants, climb a coated pole and jump from pole to pole! 

Indian Mallahkamb is primarily instructed to children with a spotter and performed at India's special annual military events and alike but mostly pole Mallahkamb is a conditioning sport that couples with rope Mallahkamb training. 

These reputable pole sports are hundreds of years old yet not everyone has heard of them, unless you research all pole activities and not just pole dance.  

Angela Perry

Pole training has been male dominated and respectable enough to be performed to the kings and queens of yesteryear.

Most important, pole is the very best gymnastic conditioning apparatus available... Saving time, maximizing results and is a super fun, motivating fitness program for life.  

Things are not always as they seem and thorough pole studio research is advised, especially when kids are involved.

Angela Perry

A Pole Fitness Studios class... has no dance included at all.
Be strong and get into a class today!

Angela Perry

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Looking for gym/personal trainer; Pole Fitness(c) is the holistic approach and the best fitness experience in Sydney Australia 2193

We are all on that health and fitness journey of a lifetime...
Soul searching for the most efficientfun and holistic approach to our well being.   


Considering Pole Fitness(c), means you have opened your mind to an alternative fitness rather than the gym and this takes courage and wit.

Pole mixes it up and keeps your fitness regime mentally challenging and interesting...

This is the only way to truly get the most out of a workout, plus while learning and mastering the vertical pole gymnastic formulas; 

This sport will refine your focus and help you master coping with the stress of everyday life.


Stretch at the same time as strength build, a unique experience that saves time, while enhancing results!

Calisthenics with a crutch (pole) ensures safety and is a weight loss friendly activity.

Consisting of a huge variety of vertical pole exercises that laterally tailor themselves to suit your exact body sculpting needs.

Pole Fitness(c) ticks every box including spine alignment, back relief, strengthen every muscle in your body plus loads more.


Your personal fitness journey is for-filled for life! 

Mastering gross & fine motor skills and gymnastics feats that are of course extremely handy therefore improve all aspects of life.

Pole gymnastics effects our senses in such a profound way that the soul is happier!

A vertical pole gymnastics lifestyle is the most fun, efficient and holistic fitness available.

Angela Perry
Leader in the field 
of vertical pole gymnastics 

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Weight loss & strength training fitness tips; Perfect pole practice makes perfect = Timing is everything!

When mastering vertical pole gymnastics you first need to remember the formulas.

Practicing this formula, enhances the co-ordination required creating the aerodynamic timing.

Then you continue to literally Fly for the rest of your Pole Fitness life!

Gymnastics is made up of basic motor skills meaning you will retain these formulas with ease.

Pole training consists of... Spinning, Handstands, Cartwheels, Flips, Walkovers, Rolls & Tumbles, Climbing, Yoga style Locks & Holds and basic Gymnastic Shapes like Dish, Star, Tuck, Straddle etc

A gymnast will recognize all these words immediately.

Angela Perry Director of Pole Fitness Studios Pole Fitness Studios

Vertical pole gymnastics changes fitness forever, making it super fun and feels light and intense at the same time.

Calisthenics training means the program tailors itself to precisely suit your exact needs.
Pole is the very best workout.

PFS is purely focused on teaching you the gymnastics formulas required to master pole and expand your skills meaning you excel fast with a huge variety of exercises to choose from.

The Pole Fitness(c) program helps reduce the stresses that come with receiving and filtering everyday information enabling you to master the constant challenges that life hands out.

Get strong, reserve your pole today!
Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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