Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pole Fitness Sydney Australia Health News; Pole progression is up and down for everyone...

On one hand, pole gymnastics students would like to feel comfortable and able to master the basics immediately and

Pole Fitness Studios offers this...

On the other hand students need the next interesting pole challenge as soon as they are comfy and mastered the basics and

Pole Fitness Studios offer this too!!
You go at the pace that your body and mind need.

It is up to you, the student to be ready to roll with the ups and downs that come with the ongoing challenges of vertical pole gymnasticswith the comfort zones we all like to settle into x;)

Being aware of this ride having its peaks and dips means we are able to cope and move through the comfortable zones into the amazing feats that make gymnastics life truly interesting.

Welcome to the Pole Fitness Studios program!

Angela Perry Direct and Principal 
Pole Fitness Studios Sydney Australia

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Pole Fitness Health News; What is the meaning of life?

Steven Hawking's latest TV series is fabulous, a fascinating approach to the big questions we naturally ask ourselves... who, what, when, where and why are we here.

On an every day level life is more about how to stay mentally stable whilst creating or maintaining the purpose in ones life.

Our goals need to include passion or we may get bored and pretty quickly. 

Whether you too have the luxury of passion being your work, it can most definitely be a driving force in your social life and fitness plan...

Vertical pole gymnastics continues to offer stimulating yet practical fitness goals igniting your passion for life! 

Your outlook/attitude towards the program inevitably depicts your success and such is life.

Life is what you make it; feeling the FUN and LOVE for your health and fitness plan is a great place to begin.

+Carmen La - Pole Fitness Studios Student
Angela Perry
Principal Director
Pole Fitness Studios

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