Sunday, 25 January 2015

Looking for love; pole/exercise program, located in the Inner West Sydney Australia...

When you try a vertical pole gymnastics class, you will fall in love...

I have yet to meet another pole sister or brother who don't Love vertical pole with all their heart once settling into this amazing sport!

Find yourself... 

  • Making the time to train as often as possible
  • Rearranging your work schedule and letting the boss know pole is a serious priority.
  • Feeling distressed and sore, when not able to pole train.
  • Proudly telling everyone how much they need to try a Pole Fitness class.
  • Finding peace in the fact you have found a complete, all in one, fitness training program for life. 
  • Feeling a sense of achievement and enjoying the constant progression/challenges vertical pole gymnastics offers. 

Being Australia Day - I would like to take a moment to thank all our loving forefathers who fought for our rights... freedom of speech is the reason vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios is available for us, to love forever more!

Does Australia Day remind you how wonderful it is to live in this amazing country and have the freedom to pole?

Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of
vertical pole gymnastics

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Latest News; Pole Fitness Studios(c) student testimonials, come flooding in!

Sofia a 7 year old Pole Fitness student, has been doing vertical pole gymnastics now for 2 years and placed extremely well in her very first gymnastics competition; including first place on floor and first place overall!

So proud and her mum says...
"Vertical pole gymnastics with Angela Perry has most certainly given my daughter Sofia the confidence and strength to step into regular gymnastics, strong flexed and prepared to be a winning gymnast.  Thank you, so very much."

I feel it is both my personal privilege and obligation to continue to develop and improve the PFS vertical pole gymnastics program and will continue to do so in a community friendly way!

More Student Testimonials...

Christina Chow says...
"I am so glad I came across Pole Fitness. I am not into pole dancing routines where you shake your bum and twerk like Miley. 
I love how revitalized I feel after each class and how Angela is focused solely on technique. The staff are very fun and humorous which make time fly.  The physical transition really leaves a sense of accomplishment.
I don't even go to the gym anymore. It is great to hang with like minded individuals each week with similar goals!"

Adam Deeb says... 
"Pole fitness has changed my life. It is excellent for posture and identified the continuing damage being caused from a collar bone injury from when I was a kid. Pole has since helped correct this problem and I don't feel good unless I do pole. 
I recommend it to everyone, it makes you happy, stronger and more flexible."

Shelley Tan says... 
"Pole Fitness is fantastic! It has given me so much more strength and core skills than I ever imagined I could have. 
It keeps me motivated and I always look forward to learning more. Most importantly I have so much fun with the people here at the studio. The instructors are amazing at what they do and very good at teaching!!"

Margarita Verpopoulos  says...
"Pole Fitness is what I have been looking for all my life. I am very happy knowing when I am going to attend pole classes. I don't see my life without pole anymore. I am very proud to have Angela Perry as my Instructor and of what I have achieved! 
Pole Fitness is the best!"

Julie Vo says...
"Pole Fitness is so exciting, my life would be incomplete now without pole. Thank you for being an amazing teacher!"

Dorothy Truong says...
"It's such a pleasure to watch Angela Perry work, with so much enthusiasm and caring for us, your students... I am so proud to be one of yours. Proud to be taught by such an amazing woman and instructor."

Penny Kirkwood says...
"Fit, fabulous and fun are the three words I would use to describe Pole Fitness. You get fit, you feel fabulous and the results are fast.
The fact that it is fun is a bonus! Thank you Angela Perry."

Zara Hammoud says...
"Pole Fitness is a great sport, it's challenging and addictive. Being a single mother is stressful; pole has helped me with my stress levels. I have achieved strength and stability both mentally and physically.
Since I started 15 months ago; my body has toned, lost weight, strengthened and sorted out my pelvic bone alignment!"

Stephanie Suiwanto says...
"Pole has done wonders in my life... It keeps me motivated and happy. Pole Fitness Studios is a great place to relieve stress after work and it is the only type fitness I have kept up with. I feel so much better about myself after class! 
Angela Perry focuses on each of our abilities and caters to the entire class, managing to challenge us all...
She is amazing, patient, encouraging and full of infectious enthusiasm!"

Had to do two blogs to fit in the overwhelming amount of amazing Pole Fitness feedback being a testament to the quality of service and gym programming offered at Pole Fitness Studios in Canterbury Sydney NSW.

Love the awesome effect that vertical pole gymnastics has on people's lives.
Angela Perry 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Is Pole Dancing the same as Pole Fitness, Indian Mallakhamb and Chinese Pole?

Pole Fitness(c) or vertical pole gymnastics is a combination of the pre-existing Circus art Chinese Pole and an exercise sport called Indian Mallakhamb.

All these are extremely similar due to being a set of skills or sport, appropriate to do and watch for all age groups. The exercises are the same; apart from some small variations in the equipment that limit or expand the range of exercises available to the gymnast.

Pole Dancing is a combination of dance, traditionally burlesque in style combined with pole sport exercises.
Often includes high heels & scant themed clothing inevitably making Pole Dancing only appropriate for adults.
It is the teaching of two separate skill sets; dance and pole skills. Chinese Pole is thousands of years old and a well respected performance art, for the Kings and Queens of the era. 
They are not pole dancers and when you visit a Chinese Pole Training Facility, you will not learn how to dance... they teach you how to climb, flip, lock and jump from pole to pole, on the coated thin tall poles and super heavy/thick matting for safety.  

Indian Mallakhamb is hundreds of years old an acrobatic and gymnastics training program primarily for children... No dancing found here either. 
In an Indian Mallakhamb Training Facility you will learn how to climb, flip, lock on to a wooden pole or rope. 
The coaches spot each student for added safety.

Pole Fitness is our modern vertical pole gymnastics training program, ideal for all ages.
Learn how to climb, flip, lock, handstand and spin on a stainless steel spinning pole.
Technical aerodynamic training that requires a skilled coach and no spotter! 
No shoes, sexy costumes or dance moves/tuition included at all. 

All dance styles have their own technical training requirements and Vertical Pole Gymnastics has completely different technical training requirements again.
There are literally hundreds of amazing aerodynamic exercises to learn and master!

Has this article helped clarify what should be obvious differences between pole dance and the other pole sports available?

Angela Perry
Leader in the field 
of vertical pole gymnastics 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pole Gym Tips; Handstands compared to Hanging on a pole...

Handstand training and hanging on a pole both require precision hand and body placement, tubing of the chest, combined with mind set. 

Handstands are an amazing way to workout... engaging all body parts at the same time, stretching and strength building while offering a light weight feeling, that is wonderful.

Problem is it takes quite a bit of the, heavy feeling, conditioning prior to getting the feather fabulous, floating feeling, handstands offer later. 
  • Wrist, core and hip Joints need to be prepared/conditioned...
  • Stretching and strength building is required first.  
  • Your mind needs to concentrate on 'balance'.
  • You are upside down; both head space and against gravity (can fall over)
vertical pole gymnastics

Hanging on a pole is also an amazing way to workout... engaging all body parts at the same time, stretching and strength building while offering a light weight feeling, that is wonderful.

Great news is you are upright when hanging and the conditioning requirements are much easier!
  • No wrist conditioning, required first. Rather your hands require conditioning with pole and gloves are an option.
  • Your core, shoulders, arms and back will be conditioned very quickly and prior to any activation.
  • Your mind needs to relax, yes relax and consentrate on relaxing!
  • Hanging goes with gravity rather than against it meaning you don't fall over instead creating a comfortable slide down effect to exit . 
vertical pole gymnastics

The vertical pole is a unique hanging apparatus to gymnastics. 

Pole places our hands in a unique way allowing you to do upright handstand conditioning. 

Unlike  rope, pole is stable and so much kinder on the older or unconditioned body, with no jerking movements.

Creating and conditioning the powerful tubular chest position, required to do a perfect handstand. 

This is also an important conditioning required for invert dismounts off gymnastic apparatus like vault, beam, tramp etc. 

Incredible to be able to simply hang on a pole to get maximum and practical handstand results!

Handstands are ideal for keeping your tummy flat and so much more.

Best of all you set up (correctly) and relax! 

Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics