Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Is the community selfish or ignorant to the Pole facts...

Pole dancing is simply not appropriate for kids.
However vertical pole gymnastics is fantastic; for everyone.

Sofia, a student of mine, is 8 years old.
She did a perfect Half Split Hold with no hands and Flips, Climbs and Locks, like a gymnast champion.

Sofia has absolutely loved the Pole Fitness Studios program for 2 years now and is now at Squad level gymnastics because of her pole skill set and the gymnastic grooming it offers.
vertical pole gymnastics
No Handed Half Split

I would never incorporate any kind of dance when instructing pole gymnastics (especially not striptease or erotic dance).

These are two individual movement patterns/types (dance and pole)... Combining them creates convolution, the students complete understanding of why, how, when and what they are doing on the pole is gravely effected.

Sofia is already combining some of the hundreds of pole exercises available, into amazing freestyle routines for fun, keeping her fitness training for longer periods of time while in class and completely engaged; May I remind you she is 8.

Gymnastic skills are basics motor skills, our most important requirement to practice, for all of us but especially kids when initially learning them.

Because people chose to combine these two skills (dance and pole), this does not define the pole, instead enhances the clarity between what pole product is for adults only and then appropriate for fitness and kids.

Here are examples of pole gymnastics in other countries...

Pole Mallakhamb (predominantly kids pole sport)

Chinese Pole  (circus pole act)

Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

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