Monday, 15 December 2014

Aren't we all a child at heart?

How much of a kid at heart are you?
Tick the boxes below, that you can relate to and find out...
Fun rides and water park slides
Attending parties and eating Cake
Drinking yummy stuff
Dressing up and Shopping
Getting and Giving gifts   
Holding hands and Kissing
Making Friends 
Rolling or Bouncing 
Swimming and Running
Dancing and Musical expression 
Crafts and mechanics
TV, Games and Movies
Hanging and swinging from something 
or just Hanging around...

You know it, we are all kids at heart!

Hang, spin, flip and climb your way into a happier healthier you with vertical pole gymnastics.

Looking for the perfect fitness, as an adult, that will have you acting and feeling like a big kid again!?

Book a Pole Fitness class today and make your inner child smile!

Pole Fitness Studios
Pole Flag at 6 years old!
Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

I ticked most all of these boxes and freestyle dancing is still my favorite...I am such a kid at heart.
vertical pole gymnastics
Daisy aged 6 Monkey Climbing
vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios

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