Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Looking for Pole Fitness a gymnastic/circus fun gym challenge for all ages in Sydney Australia...

Vertical pole is unlike any other gymnastics, apparatus or the floor skills on offer because the pole acts as a support/balance aid. 


Offering an undeniably fun aerodynamic sensation. 

Pole Fitness feels floaty and challenges your muscles at the same time, disguising the workout aspect completely... given the correct formula. 

Making it perfect for building strength and stretching into the best shape you can be in.

No wonder pole gymnasts are loud and proud, they are addicted!

Why make it hard on yourself at the gym

It's super boring in comparison to pole, takes more time out of your day plus you need a personal trainer to really body sculpt correctly.... this takes hard work and can get pricey. 

Vertical pole gymnastics is a hobby and interest not just a gym.

This pole program tailors the amount you are able to achieve, to what your body is comfortable doing. Meanwhile working on what you actually need to improve! 

Calisthenics; prominently using large groups of muscles and your own bodies weight...

This means you achieve perfect body sculpt results guaranteed, while mastering the huge range of interesting gymnastics exercises e.g. handstands, flips, spins, cartwheels, flags, climbs, walkovers etc.

Pole Fitness changes the way you feels about exercise, your fitness level and makes you feel better about your yourself immediately after trying it! 

Try a class today at Pole Fitness Studios with Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Political News; Freedom of Speech & Humanitarian Rights; By Pole Fitness Studios in Sydney Australia.

Behave according to our Free, Western Constitution & Democracy, or you are clearly breaking the law... 

Existing Australian Federal legislation & Local Issues...

In May 2014, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils suggested in a submission to the federal government that small changes could be introduced giving Muslims "legal pluralism". They asked the government to fund halal and kosher meat outlets and for state schools to have special sports uniforms for female Muslim students. Attorney-General Robert McClelland said at the time "there is no place for sharia law in Australian society", and this week NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione repeated the sentiment.

Legal Rights...

Freedom Rights...

Human & Equal Rights...

Woman's & Gay Rights... 

Animal Rights & Halal in Australia...

The concept of Halal in Islam has very specific motives;
  1. To preserve the purity of religion
  2. To safeguard the Islamic mentality
  3. To preserve life
  4. To safeguard property
  5. To safeguard future generations
  6. To maintain self-respect and integrity.

Muslim Leader Mufti of Australia...

Aussie Mosques...

    History of Islam info...

    Plan of Action for Australia...

    Saturday, 7 February 2015

    Freedom to look for pole... dance, fitness or circus training; Sydney Australia

    Emphasizing the importance of research and choosing wisely...

    I offer a product being vertical pole gymnastics. If u do not do some research or have knowledge on the History of pole sports; you may accidentally put my product into a category like pole dancing and you would be incorrect, even embarrassingly mistaken in the wrong company.

    vertical pole gymnasticsSo I took some blog time to do some 'homework' on our freedom issues in this country, to be sure our Freedom Rights are not being slowly suppressed by Islamic or any other minority groups, like other Western Countries ATM

    Results; For the love of Pole Fitness and our freedom to choose. 

    Please do your homework on the government regulations and special grants that are given out right now to assist the minority groups and for Expanding Exportation to Islamic Countries.

    Especially recent Law Changes that contradict or conflict with the existing Freedom and Humanitarian Laws created by us and made for the 'majority' to prosper now and in the future...
    Aussie Food, Women's Rights, Equal RightsHuman Rights, Animal Welfare etc. 

    4th April 2015Ask Google a few questions on our local and the International Status of these laws while we still can... some of the links I originally found have already been changed or removed! E.g. http://kb.rspca.org.au/what-is-halal-slaughter-in-australia_116.htm

    Whether you agree with my product or not; people have the opportunity, here in Australia, to research and choose for themselves. 

    Australians simply take for granted that we are governed by our Original Laws created by us and therefore founded purely on primarily loving our community and the morals and ethics attached.

    I thought our plan was to stay diverse yet social therefore encouraging free, flexible and modern thinking people but perhaps not. 

    I am personally glad I got onto this subject, as it has encouraged me to be more proactive about protecting my rights!

    Q. Did you know we have started sharing our country and sharing our freedom laws with people who don't believe we should have them in the first place?
    Q. Does this even make (assimilation) sense?
    Q. Are you voting to have a Dual Law System here in Australia?
    Q. Do you believe in funding this mindset with your tax money?
    Q. Will you be attending the Rally?

    Angela Perry 
    Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics