Thursday, 31 July 2014

Does 'Vertical Pole' have an Olympic chance?

Vertical Pole is very cool to watch!
However, is more similar to Rope Climbing and Wall/Stall Bars and primarily a 'conditioning' apparatus;

Preparing the body for the other gymnastic apparatus, that have 'higher risk' elements, making them even more spectacular.  E.g. Beam, Uneven Bars, Rings etc

Many well understood therefore respected sports, have taken many decades of organisation and then  Olympic applications, to even be considered.

Gymnastics is a sport already approved by Olympic Committee so the 'vertical pole' may have a sporting chance; in a decade or five, when it is more organised...

More general community 'practice and awareness' of vertical pole gymnastics, is the ideal way to do it x:)

But first we require further cohesion within the Pole Industry itself e.g. 
Industry Lingo -  'Watch Your Mouth''

Do you think heels, body rolls and hair flicks, belong at the Olympics?

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Gymnast on Rings


Gymnast on Beam

Gymnast on Uneven Bars

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Why not use the 'descriptive names' for Vertical Pole Gymnastic exercises?!

Rather than using a non-descriptive, letter's & numbers or a pole dancer's 'name'...

When a new client would tell me they have poled somewhere prior, I used to ask... "What pole exercises, do you already know?" They often couldn't 'answer' the question or would say something like the "Jamilla" and this would obviously give me nothing to go by.

The Pole Sports Federation have suggested that we name our pole exercises 'FM 10' instead of 'Spatchcock' for example.

At Pole Fitness Studios(c) we use the descriptive words to name the exercises e.g. 'Back No Handed, Foot/Ankle Straddle'... this Spatchcock or FM 10 being the 'Back' as apposed to a 'Front' No Handed option. 

So what are they suggesting we call the 'Front' version... is it the Fm11 or FM9? 
And how about the other 'One Handed' options available? 
Seems way too confusing, when we need to describe the pole exercises anyway!

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics
Back No Handed, Foot Straddle
Front No Handed, Foot Straddle 
Do you think we should use, descriptive words or letters and numbers, to describe vertical pole gymnastic exercises?

Saturday, 26 July 2014

"So you are a Pole Dancer"... No. I am a Pole Gymnast.

None of these people (Pics Attached) are 'mixing in' striptease or consider themselves Pole Dancers or refer to their sport as Pole Dancing...

Instead, they are highly skilled at purely, pole gymnastic skills.

Including ONLY beneficial and reputable pole fitness training methods, to refine their art.

They have NOT included erotic innuendo, ensuring it is G Rated, for a all to enjoy!!!

Obviously us referring to the actual 'individual' sport names, is the easiest and respectful way to go. 

Call it "Pole Dancing" when referring to 'Pole' being mixed in with high heels, body rolls and hair flicks, but not the fitness or sport side of pole.

Individually identify "Pole Dancing" as the adult option, allowing for the appropriate advertising methods, to help clarify these various Pole Industry options...

Chinese Pole 
Circus Pole

Pole Mallakhamb

Kung Fu Poles

Vertical Pole Gymnastics

Are you a 'Pole Dancer' or a 'Pole Gymnast'?

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why 'should' our Pole Industry take the high heel shoes off?

1. Because your Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Doctor, Sports Coach and your Mum and Dad, all say "no way" to 'fitness training' in high heels.

2. This is ridiculously bad for you. See information attachments below on just how dangerous!  

3. Wearing heels on the pole encourages accident prone behaviour, especially when landing.

4. There are fantastic foot techniques available e.g. Frog and Monkey Foot Press, that offer a huge range of exercise, leg line and extension options!

5. All wasted just like the major fitness benefits and body sculpt results, gained from these foot grips, when practicing this lovely sport. 

Do you think bare feet or a soft sole sneaker, are the only appropriate attire for pole, when fitness training?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Scared of heights... Never fear cause Pole Fitness is here!

One of my clients is outrageous and so fabulous... Even the best of us are scared of heights "but not when it comes to the pole"... Paula Dooley assured the class this morning,

"I'm never scared of my pole" +Paula Dooley continued to say!  
Nice to know dedicated poler's are able to achieve such great heights on the pole (literally) and won't be afraid! 

So proud, and truly love how the Pole Fitness Studios (c) program makes people strong inside and out. 

Given the correct instruction, pole is like doing #gymnastics with a crutch.

For the young to any old school scaredy cats, it is the perfect way to stay fit for life.... 
Helping to keep us Fun Fit and Fabulous...just like Paula Dooley xoxo

Do you personally doubt if you are 'able' to do vertical pole gymnastics?

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics
Vertical Pole Gymnastics - Sky-Scraper

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rope Dancing???

If I was to bump and grind on a rope; I guess we would all call it 'rope dancing', sure.
Surely this doesn't mean the traditional gymnastics on a rope, would forever more be known as Rope Dancing... whether grinding or not!

However it is easy to see the 'obvious differences' between pole gymnastics and pole dancing
For example...
When I see 'heels' on the pole; while searching articles for my magazine devoted to the cultural reaction and education of pole sports... Pole Journal Australia
I exclude them immediately as they are obviously pole dancing articles. 
Same goes for 'sexy costumes' and 'body rolls' in a pole gym demonstration.

The many bare foot grips that we use, are an important part to the foundation of pole gymnastic skills, otherwise limiting the exercise choices and fitness benifits.

Gymnasts and Fitness enthusiasts alike, need to be able to differentiate between the pole studios and censorship relays on it.

Do not come to Pole Fitness Studios(c) if plan to learn 'pole dancing'.
Dance is a separate training method and movement type to gymnastics. 
PFS(c) proudly teach vertical pole gymnastics.

Pole Journal Australia - world news articles highlighting the differences between pole sports!
Vertical Pole Gymnastics -
No Handed Mallahkamb Leg Lock 

Have you tried both... What do you think of vertical pole gymnastics in comparison to pole dancing?

By Angela Perry 
Vertical pole gymnastics specialists.

Actual Name - Corde lisse - Aerial Rope Art

Monday, 21 July 2014

Watch your mouth! Let's sort pole industry lingo...

What is the inevitability of changing the pole lingo and understanding of the 'individual meanings' worldwide, I wonder? 

How important is it to you, does it matter more when you have kids or don't you care either way?
I feel it is every adult's responsibility, to avoid predisposing children to adult innuendo.
So why do people feel it's OK to talk about pole dancing, an 'erotic behaviour', in such an irresponsible and willy nilly way?

Lingo idea/solutions to replace 'pole dancing' when referring to the fitness side of pole.

 Simple as A. B. C. Word Definition...

 A. 'Pole Routine' or 'Pole Art' - combining of dance (or ribbon etc) and vertical pole gymnastics together. Performing and arts section of the pole gymnastics arenas e.g. Circus E.g. "I am off to my pole routine class kids." Or to perform pole art.

 B. 'Pole dancing' - the combination of 'erotic' dance and pole gymnastics performed in adult  venues, 'adult only' entertainment.

 C. 'Vertical pole gymnastics' - purely gymnastics and calisthenics, does not include or combine any other movement style/s. Demonstration sport. 

Vertical Pole Gymnastics; is gymnastics and the fundamentals when learning, are very different to dance tuition... So please let's get the lingo sorted and call a spade a spade.

How important is the lingo of pole to you?

By Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics.
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
No Handed Diamond Leg Hold 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Why choose Pole Fitness Studios?

Vertical Pole Gymnastics

What is vertical pole gymnastics?

Vertical pole gymnastics is a practice that is safe for women and men of all ages: from novices to professionals. An excellent way to sculpt your body, it also offers a fast method to shed excess weight while building the improved posture that leads to greater self-confidence.

Pole Fitness Studios is a world leader in the development of safe, easy-to-follow vertical pole gymnastics grips, locks and aerodynamic formulas that have been carefully and systematically tested to give the maximum return to practitioners of all ages and levels of fitness.

Pole Fitness Studios
193 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury + Mobile - 0404 860 265
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Triangle Headstand Layout Leg Line
Pole Fitness Studios(c)
6 Level Grading Sweat-bands
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Trio Lock Drop Back