Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pole Fitness Studios© Gym News; Respect to all mums, how do you manage to workout at the same time as motherhood?

It has been a little extra time between blogs as I have had a baby without getting pregnant lol!
"I just love this colour nail polish on me. If I am going to sit around all day I might as well be pampered."
Dolly Dog who rocked up on my doorstep about 6 months ago, desperately needing help and medical attention...

Unfortunately has a Neurological disorder kicking into overdrive causing paralysis to all four paws. 

Thankfully the poor love is still able to move her neck and is generally comfy.

Wow lack of sleep, schedule changes, carrying her around and juggling work/other stuff at the same time, is taking some getting used to.

Just as I think I have it all under control becoming super mum, it all goes to poo (literally lol) or the sleep deprivation starts all over again; from the fur-baby not sleeping through the night.

Not to mention some of the gymnastics I am having to pull off to be able to relentlessly move fur-baby (all of 5kg) into the awkward positions required at times.

I am a strong and flexible pole gymnast who 'can handle it'.

This is the 'mummy attitude' that makes all mothers so very special, respect xoxo

Love you Mum.

Angela Perry

Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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