Saturday, 30 August 2014

Let's talk pole and gymnastics calluses...

Gymnastics can be super harsh on our hands and thighs; thankfully the vertical pole is not nearly as bad as some of other gymnastics apparatus... Scary Callus Picture

The Pole being smooth metal, is much easier on the body, in comparison to rough Rope and the rugged tape coatings on Bars and Trapeze etc. 

Rope is rough and renowned for carpet burn style war wounds on the soft skin of our legs. Bars and trapeze can induce callasis that rip open... Right down to the lower palm, ouch!

Calluses build up to enhance grip so please do not ever pick at them, use a Hero's Chiropody Sponge  excellent to file/buff them down to smooth plus it's quick and easy!
Pole Fitness Studios Sydney Australia
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Twisted flip with Arched Triangle Extension

The Pole offers something you can hold on to at all times and its smooth surface caters to a 'slide down' effect making it a safe experience for any age and the perfect recreational gymnastics apparatus.

Is it wrong to like my pole callouses x:), do you mind yours? 

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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