Friday, 22 August 2014

Granny Pole Gymnast...

Iris is the oldest person to regularly attend Pole Fitness Studios(c), starting vertical pole gymnastics at aged 72 years!

I am still challenged after 15 years by vertical pole gymnastics, never bored and totally addicted to pole... for Life!

I adore teaching and the opportunity to offer the community such an awesome solution to all their fitness needs, in one fun pole session.

When you do Pole Fitness regularly, it becomes extremely comfortable on the body and you see major results, it's very rewarding. 

* Stretch every muscle
* Strength build every muscle
* Tone Up & Lose Fat
* Align your Spine
* Improve Co-ordination
* Improve Timing
* Ease Joint and Back Pain
* Entertaining & Social

Vertical pole gymnastics is totally worth trying ASAP! 
You can do it!

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics
Iris Aged 72 doing pole... Double Arm Hang with Triangle Leg Line
Iris Aged 72 doing pole... Double Arm Hang with Tuck Leg Line
Iris Aged 72 doing pole... Monkey Climbing the pole!
Iris Aged 72 doing pole... Traditional Arm with Crossed Triangle Leg Extension 

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Guinness World Records - Oldest person ever! 

Do you plan to be a granny pole gymnast like Iris and I?

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