Monday, 18 August 2014

Glenn Barker's physiotherapy of broken wrists & back using Pole Fitness...

In 2009 after a nasty fall that literally broke Glenn's back and pulverized both wrists, he started at Pole Fitness Studios(c) and is now completely rehabilitated. 

By attending two vertical pole gymnastics classes each week, he has successfully re-gained full range of movement, looks and feels better than ever!

"Without pole I would not have the full range of movement, in my wrists, that I have now! 
I used Hanging exercises for my back and 'Forearm' Handstands at first but now I am able to do everything. I love Pole Fitness so much!" +Glenn Barker said.

He is an inspiration to all of us, proving it only requires part-time pole training and commitment.

Try a class yourself... Pole can change your life.
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics
Twisted Triangle Floor-stand
Upside Down Pole-stand
Handstand with Straddle Leg Extension
Double Fly Grip Flag with Z Leg Extension

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