Sunday, 10 August 2014

Are Females good at vertical pole gymnastics?

Not all woman feel as if they are strong enough to 'pull themselves up' the pole and the truth is... 

Everyone is able to 'Hang' on a pole (no 'pulling up' required) and it is simply a matter of correct instruction.

A 'Double Arm Hang' is actually the most relaxing way of activating your muscles, even stretching your spine... I almost drool every time!
Double Arm Hang with Triangle Legs
Us ladies are so busy these days, that doing 2 things at once is almost a necessity; Pole Fitness ticks all your fitness requirements, in one fabulous class...

One hour of vertical pole gymnastics is equivalent to two hours; a complete hour of both stretching and strength building!

Vertical pole gymnastics ensures a super flexible and toned body, with strong joints.

Ideal for strengthening up a woman's weaker spots and stretching out any bulky bits, meanwhile entertaining your brain... it is amazing!

Having the solution to your health and fitness needs, makes the everyday stresses in life, so much easier to cope with.

Do you agree vertical pole gymnastics is a must try and life changer?

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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