Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why 'should' our Pole Industry take the high heel shoes off?

1. Because your Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Doctor, Sports Coach and your Mum and Dad, all say "no way" to 'fitness training' in high heels.

2. This is ridiculously bad for you. See information attachments below on just how dangerous!  

3. Wearing heels on the pole encourages accident prone behaviour, especially when landing.

4. There are fantastic foot techniques available e.g. Frog and Monkey Foot Press, that offer a huge range of exercise, leg line and extension options!

5. All wasted just like the major fitness benefits and body sculpt results, gained from these foot grips, when practicing this lovely sport. 

Do you think bare feet or a soft sole sneaker, are the only appropriate attire for pole, when fitness training?


  1. Agree!! For me wearing heels exclude any activities from being define as sport.
    It's a strange moment when you watch youtube videos from pole fitness/pole sport competition around the world and compere them to Australian shows - almost all in heels. It's like the rest of the world is training to fight with pole stereotypes, while some Australian performance rather embrace sexiness of the sport creating confusion for others. No offence for the girls, theirs athleticism is often exceptional but I will rather see those performances in different scenarios.

  2. Me too x:) Id like it to be demonstrated everywhere without anyone feeling uncomfortable about it!
    I appreciate your feedback very much Aleksandra Deren..