Monday, 21 July 2014

Watch your mouth! Let's sort pole industry lingo...

What is the inevitability of changing the pole lingo and understanding of the 'individual meanings' worldwide, I wonder? 

How important is it to you, does it matter more when you have kids or don't you care either way?
I feel it is every adult's responsibility, to avoid predisposing children to adult innuendo.
So why do people feel it's OK to talk about pole dancing, an 'erotic behaviour', in such an irresponsible and willy nilly way?

Lingo idea/solutions to replace 'pole dancing' when referring to the fitness side of pole.

 Simple as A. B. C. Word Definition...

 A. 'Pole Routine' or 'Pole Art' - combining of dance (or ribbon etc) and vertical pole gymnastics together. Performing and arts section of the pole gymnastics arenas e.g. Circus E.g. "I am off to my pole routine class kids." Or to perform pole art.

 B. 'Pole dancing' - the combination of 'erotic' dance and pole gymnastics performed in adult  venues, 'adult only' entertainment.

 C. 'Vertical pole gymnastics' - purely gymnastics and calisthenics, does not include or combine any other movement style/s. Demonstration sport. 

Vertical Pole Gymnastics; is gymnastics and the fundamentals when learning, are very different to dance tuition... So please let's get the lingo sorted and call a spade a spade.

How important is the lingo of pole to you?

By Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics.
Vertical Pole Gymnastics
No Handed Diamond Leg Hold 


  1. I couldn't agree more with this post. Even if people working in the pole industry don't get that upset about it, they should as I think it's in their commercial interest. I have done pole in Sydney, San Francisco, England, Spain, and Argentina. I've always looked for and attended schools that were clear in their communications as Angela suggested.

    For the demographic "female 18-25" perhaps it matters less. The odd booty roll or twerk thrown into a class isn't going to do any harm. But for me (male, 30s), and I'd suggest families with gymnastically-talented daughters (and sons) it kinda makes a difference.

    I think the pole industry could grow and attract a broader commercial base by differentiating with clear wording what type of pole activity is on offer at each school.

  2. Love... Thank you your feedback is very much appreciated x:)

  3. Personally I like expression "pole fitness" and as in any other fitness competition: routines, choreography or elements of dance are accepted as a part of performance but that have nothing in common with go-go dancing or striptease.

    We spend a lot of time explaining people what are we doing, we want pole be part of Olympics as any other gymnastic discipline.

    It took my a lot of time both in Poland and Australia to find studio that meet my expectation and have the same approach for the sport as I do so I"m really happy with Pole Fitness Studios!

  4. Totally agree with you Ola and Thank you for your dedication and kind words about Pole Fitness Studios(c).

    However we all need to be aware of the existing Trade Mark ownership on the words 'Pole Fitness' and alike; that vary according to country you are in.

    The 'Common' being 'descriptive' words when describing the apparatus & sport (therefore not Trade Mark effected in this way) are... 'vertical pole gymnastics'.

    Your feedback is very much appreciated, thank you xoxo