Saturday, 26 July 2014

"So you are a Pole Dancer"... No. I am a Pole Gymnast.

None of these people (Pics Attached) are 'mixing in' striptease or consider themselves Pole Dancers or refer to their sport as Pole Dancing...

Instead, they are highly skilled at purely, pole gymnastic skills.

Including ONLY beneficial and reputable pole fitness training methods, to refine their art.

They have NOT included erotic innuendo, ensuring it is G Rated, for a all to enjoy!!!

Obviously us referring to the actual 'individual' sport names, is the easiest and respectful way to go. 

Call it "Pole Dancing" when referring to 'Pole' being mixed in with high heels, body rolls and hair flicks, but not the fitness or sport side of pole.

Individually identify "Pole Dancing" as the adult option, allowing for the appropriate advertising methods, to help clarify these various Pole Industry options...

Chinese Pole 
Circus Pole

Pole Mallakhamb

Kung Fu Poles

Vertical Pole Gymnastics

Are you a 'Pole Dancer' or a 'Pole Gymnast'?

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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