Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Scared of heights... Never fear cause Pole Fitness is here!

One of my clients is outrageous and so fabulous... Even the best of us are scared of heights "but not when it comes to the pole"... Paula Dooley assured the class this morning,

"I'm never scared of my pole" +Paula Dooley continued to say!  
Nice to know dedicated poler's are able to achieve such great heights on the pole (literally) and won't be afraid! 

So proud, and truly love how the Pole Fitness Studios (c) program makes people strong inside and out. 

Given the correct instruction, pole is like doing #gymnastics with a crutch.

For the young to any old school scaredy cats, it is the perfect way to stay fit for life.... 
Helping to keep us Fun Fit and Fabulous...just like Paula Dooley xoxo

Do you personally doubt if you are 'able' to do vertical pole gymnastics?

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics
Vertical Pole Gymnastics - Sky-Scraper


  1. Don't forget to mention that the instructor is important! I was scared witless when I first found myself sideways, upside down, etc, but you (Angela Perry) were my instructor and broke everything down piece by piece. I was still scared, but I made it and felt a great sense of achievement :)

    1. Safety First ALWAYS.
      Your feedback is very much appreciated Alistair Baillie x:)