Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Why not use the 'descriptive names' for Vertical Pole Gymnastic exercises?!

Rather than using a non-descriptive, letter's & numbers or a pole dancer's 'name'...

When a new client would tell me they have poled somewhere prior, I used to ask... "What pole exercises, do you already know?" They often couldn't 'answer' the question or would say something like the "Jamilla" and this would obviously give me nothing to go by.

The Pole Sports Federation have suggested that we name our pole exercises 'FM 10' instead of 'Spatchcock' for example.

At Pole Fitness Studios(c) we use the descriptive words to name the exercises e.g. 'Back No Handed, Foot/Ankle Straddle'... this Spatchcock or FM 10 being the 'Back' as apposed to a 'Front' No Handed option. 

So what are they suggesting we call the 'Front' version... is it the Fm11 or FM9? 
And how about the other 'One Handed' options available? 
Seems way too confusing, when we need to describe the pole exercises anyway!

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics
Back No Handed, Foot Straddle
Front No Handed, Foot Straddle 
Do you think we should use, descriptive words or letters and numbers, to describe vertical pole gymnastic exercises?

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