Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rope Dancing???

If I was to bump and grind on a rope; I guess we would all call it 'rope dancing', sure.
Surely this doesn't mean the traditional gymnastics on a rope, would forever more be known as Rope Dancing... whether grinding or not!

However it is easy to see the 'obvious differences' between pole gymnastics and pole dancing
For example...
When I see 'heels' on the pole; while searching articles for my magazine devoted to the cultural reaction and education of pole sports... Pole Journal Australia
I exclude them immediately as they are obviously pole dancing articles. 
Same goes for 'sexy costumes' and 'body rolls' in a pole gym demonstration.

The many bare foot grips that we use, are an important part to the foundation of pole gymnastic skills, otherwise limiting the exercise choices and fitness benifits.

Gymnasts and Fitness enthusiasts alike, need to be able to differentiate between the pole studios and censorship relays on it.

Do not come to Pole Fitness Studios(c) if plan to learn 'pole dancing'.
Dance is a separate training method and movement type to gymnastics. 
PFS(c) proudly teach vertical pole gymnastics.

Pole Journal Australia - world news articles highlighting the differences between pole sports!

Vertical Pole Gymnastics -
No Handed Mallahkamb Leg Lock 

Have you tried both... What do you think of vertical pole gymnastics in comparison to pole dancing?

By Angela Perry 
Vertical pole gymnastics specialists.

Actual Name - Corde lisse - Aerial Rope Art

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