Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pole News & Health Tips; Ideal body conditioning and preparation for sports like Skiing... am always so impressed by the enthusiasm people have for snow and water skiing.

Is it the sensational views?
That aerodynamic glide sensation this fabulous sport offers?

Skiing must feel so amazing and super fun.

We know this because everyone is well aware of the common risks associated with this sport like joint complaints, pulling muscles or worse still breaking bones.

Never fear because Pole Fitness© is here! 

"A good, flexible body is going to be a huge benefit when taking part in skiing. 
The general stance of the downhill skier is in a slight crouch, knees bent and feet together, which in itself is putting a fair amount of strain on the leg muscles, especially the large quadriceps and glutes muscle groups." Fitday says.

Vertical pole is the very best gymnastics apparatus especially conditioning your body for the sport of skiing.

These pole exercises prepare your body for skiing by stretching and strength building at the same time, targeting every single muscle in your body allowing you to be completely ready for skiing.

You will not be bored because the Pole Fitness Studios© program also offers an aerodynamic sensation making it super fun!

Available all year round, try a class for yourself today.
Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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