Sunday, 21 June 2015

Health & Fitness Motivation News; Why are we pole gymnasts?

I have many intermediate and advanced  students that have an amazing strong variety of pole skills using the PFS© program and many new students that have only one or two exercise types they are still working on.

Pole Fitness StudiosPole Fitness Studios

Pole Fitness Studios Fitness Studios

At any stage of you mastering your vertical pole gymnastic skills, it is important to remember why you are busy putting in the concentration and effort to get the formulas required to be perfect.

Our health and mental well being is the No.1 priority and the amazing gymnastic skills are ticking all these vital boxes and by simply setting the exercise up.

It is not important if you are floating handstands and flying immediately because getting over the learning and physical hurdles required is a vital part of the lifestyle changing process.   

It is most important to find the exercise type that will activate our entire body and that includes all these things...

  • Stretch 
  • Strength build 
  • Cardio
  • Stay toned or lose weight
  • Align the spine
  • Strengthen our joints
  • Interest & Motivation
  • Improve timing and co-ordination

This is when we truly appreciate that by simply attending Pole Fitness© classes you are sorting all these exercise needs, at once! 

Vertical pole gymnastics is the solution therefore the responsibility you have is to organize your time and attend classes weekly.

Be strong start your pole experience at Pole Fitness Studios© today and improve your life for the better.
Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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