Monday, 8 June 2015

Pole Fitness Health Tips; Before and After picture thanks to vertical pole gymnastics...

A picture tells a thousand words!

vertical pole gymnastics

Thank you very much and congratulations to +Anna Nguyen for dropping almost three dress sizes in 11 months, by putting in the time and effort at Pole Fitness Studios© therefore achieving incredible body sculpt results and amazing skills.

Anna now has these super fun pole skills for life so retaining and continuing to improve her results is inevitable!

And here is what +Anna Nguyen said 6 months ago;
"I can't wait for everyday to end and for pole to start! 
Angela Perry does an amazing job."

+Anna Nguyen says today;
"I love my amazing new body and I pole to eat!"

"Your pole classes have made a big impact on me personally & physically. 
It bought back my self esteem and has made me a stronger woman!
Keep up your awesome work making a difference to others lives."

Great health and fitness is waiting for you, simply start Pole Fitness© and enjoy the ride!
Spin, Flip, Climb, Cartwheel into a happier new you.

Keep up to date on +Anna Nguyen and other students progression via the PFS© Picture Gallery.

Be strong and book your pole today!
Angela Perry

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