Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pole Fitness Studios© News & Health Tips; Thick foam flooring at Pole Fitness Studios© makes your pole experience even better...

Pole Fitness Studios©  is completely fitted out with commercial grade gymnastics/martial arts shock resistant flooring for your exercise comfort!

This fantastic Ezy Matting is perfect for vertical pole gymnastics and ideal for...
  • take off's and landings
  • your elbows & knees
  • rolls and walkovers, flips and tumbles
  • going super hard at trying new things with ease
  • landing fabulously every time!
Those of you who have tried a class at Pole Fitness Studios©  understand this program is purely focused on teaching you all the fantastic gymnastics skills available on the pole.

Safety is first and landings are taught to be clear, precise or at worst a fun slide out effect...
We do not drop off the pole and especially not from the top of the pole.

Therefore having four inch thick shock absorbent foam matting, shock resistant for up to 1.5 meters high with soft landing material means you will always be super comfy at Pole Fitness Studios©

Here is the studio Timetable now organize a time to start your pole gymnastics experience.

Pole Fitness is aerodynamic fitness that is now even more FUN!

I personally adore training on this flooring x:)
Angela Perry
Leader in the field of
vertical pole gymnastics

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