Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pole fitness Health Tip and News; How to feel and be younger as we age...

Feeling like a teenager again comes from a few of life's luxuries, like falling in love!

We all hope, even strive to have these moments.

Vertical Pole Gymnastics supplies you with this feeling over and over again.

With so many fitness benefits, the life perks and bonuses just keep coming e.g. 

- Flatter stronger abs than you had when you where a teen

- Straighter stronger more useful back, shoulders and spine the more vertical pole gymnastics you do

- Being able to tumble, jump, hop like a kid again with ease and better than ever before

- Or simply hanging around

Feeling like a kid again is awesome but best of all 'Hanging' is the easiest most effective way to train your entire body so the bonuses continue on! 

Flexibility is the key to life and strength is in the mind.

Be driven to get organised by way of this complete and fabulously fun fitness program 

Pole Fitness will be something you will really love and keeps on giving!
Be strong and treat yourself, try a Pole Fitness Studios class today.

Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics  

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