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Pole News and Sport Tips; Pole Fitness Studios© will improve your pole 'Back Splits' aka Russian Split...

This blog is for all the pole gymnast enthusiasts out there who would like to enhance their pole skills.
Back Split - Traditional/Cup Grip
The PFS© Back Split (aka Russian Split) is generally not the easiest pole exercise.

This is due to needing to remember and master a number of formulas, that inevitably come together to make it happen.

It is a Bent Split/Straddle pole exercise meaning everyone can have a go and get more flexible this way.

Totally worth the effort as these Back Splits have an aerodynamic fun flexi effect on your body that are simply irresistible x:)

If you have the luxury of your Forward Split, you will be able to extend this exercise further, immediately!

Here are some great tips to help make it work safer and faster for you...

1. Set up
2. Leg formula
3. Arm Wrap
4. Eye-line
5. Body Alignment
6. Exit understanding
Back Split - Double Cup Grip
1. Set up
- Use a Twisted Flipper, Triangle or Square handstand to practice or
- Pole Entrances include; Cartwheels, U.S.D. Thigh Hold, Parallel to the Floor, Half Split, Bow Extension, Twisted Pole-Stand/Flip etc. it connects to just about everything!

2. Leg Formula
- Set up Half Split with a bent lower leg on the pole, making for an easier Arm Wrap and offering broader Back Split activation.
- Keep lifting the leg towards the ceiling when releasing this corner knee hold/leg to activate.
*Practice leg work in a half Split Stretch on the floor and with one hand on the Floor, look at the top foot.

3. Arm Wrap
-  Use the same arm to lower leg to Arm Wrap with a Back Cup Grip.
- Top hand grip can vary use - Twisted Grip, Traditional or Double Back Cup Grip.  
- The lower the hands are the broader the extension with your Back Split.

4. Eye-line
- Look at the hands while arm wrapping
- Look at the top leg's foot when activating the Back Split.

5. Body Alignment
- Keep the hips and chest facing the pole
- Keep your back towards the floor
- Top leg follow the line of your hip or the same bottom cheek the leg is attached to.

6. Exits
- Reverse back to Corner Knee Hold and Parallel to the floor.
- Place top leg's foot on the floor to exit when close to the ground.
Twisted Flipper - Half Split Set up
Twisted Flipper - Pike Set up
I hope this has helped and happy training!
For these and loads more vertical pole gymnastic tips and advice visit Pole Fitness Studios©

Angela Perry 

Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Do you think it should be called a Russian Split or a Back Split?

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