Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pole Fitness Studios© Health & Mental News; The Origin of stuff offers a new perspective have another look, now that you are wiser...

I would like you to consider... that you do not always know what you are looking at, until further investigation.

Throwing things together in the same basket or simply believing what is told to us, is a risky way to live.

When we come across something new to us in life whether in modern day or archaeology, we can only recognize what we are actually looking at; if we as a community have already created it or known of it before.

This means we can miss valuable clear information at one time, that later at a more knowledgeable time, we are able to understand clearly. 

Great archaeology examples... 

- The aircraft pictures and parts found in ancient Egypt Pyramids. 

We have been only able to actually see the logic in this and understood it at all after creating aircraft's ourselves around 1903?!

- The microscope now offering DNA evidence

- The Emerald Tablets offering spiritual information most relevant today.

- Ancient Chinese Pole 1000 years old and practiced to this day compared to the modern Pole Dancing a mere 40 years old. 

Look again at the important things you believe to know and p
erhaps you too, will understand so much more than a previous time.

Imagination and the ability to seek knowledge is available for us to use and be enjoyed!

Think outside the square and get active about doing some research.

Try vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios© and I guarantee you will see or manage to do something you have never been able to do before.

Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Angela Perry 

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