Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pole Fitness Studios© is here to support & motivate you throughout your weight loss and strength building journey!

We can all use some guidance and support to get over life's little hurdles.

The amazing fun people that Pole Fitness Studios© attracts, is a fantastic first step.
Perking you up with great new friendships and constant ongoing encouragement.
Pole is a weapon of mass destruction defeating being lethargic, having lack of confidence or depression,

Vertical pole gymnastics is a program that relieves your back pain by realigning your posture, as you can imagine this is an extremely grand feeling making everyone happier in this day of technology.

This is a pole program that you take at exactly the pace that suits you.

You are in control.

Your body and subconscious are given the opportunity to show you your natural boundaries and then your mind goes to work and smashes them!

Pole helps by making  your body aerodynamic, offering a wonderful lightweight hover and flying effect that definitely feels more like having fun.

Leave class feeling accomplished, happy and healthier.
Stronger, flexible and more toned plus knowing that you aligned your body and stimulated your senses!

Be strong, see you in class.
Angela Perry
leader in the field of
vertical pole gymnastics

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