Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pole Fitness Studios© health tips; News Flash... Flexibility is the key to life.

Flexible body = Flexible mind!
Flexibility = Joint protection.
Flexible Body = More activities therefore more FUN.

Pole Fitness Studios
We all know the more you stretch the easier it becomes however time is of essence so it is crucial to find the most effective workout available.

The Pole offers stability assistance and adds to your flex, guaranteed to enhance your flexibility results. The same reason Martial Artists train with swords and Ballerinas train with a ballet bar.

Best of all vertical pole gymnastics stretches at the same time as strength builds, wasting no time and maximizing your fitness results.

No need to push your stretches simply do them regularly.

The Pole Fitness Studios©  program allows you to do as many fabulous stretch and strength building exercises as your body and mind is able to comfortably handle .

The fantastic thing about a great pole program is that is tailors itself to suit your exact fitness needs and continues to challenge and push your boundaries for life!

Angela Perry
Leader in the field of
vertical pole gymnastics

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