Monday, 11 May 2015

Gym & Fitness Tips; Pole Dancing includes dancing where as Pole Sports like vertical pole gymnastics do not include dancing.

When designing or doing anything in life, I believe it is crucial to have the community's best interests in mind.

I hope you can understand the importance of differentiating the pre-existing pole sports and pole dancing. 

Both for censorship needs and ensuring we make an informative choice.

Pole dancing obviously has 'dance' included and therefore censorship applies being for adults only. And with 6" heels makes it only ideal for recreational use and not for fitness.


Chinese Pole has NO dance included.
Indian Mallahkamb has NO dance included.
Vertical pole gymnastics has NO dance included.

These studios are appropriate for kids and teach them crucial motor skills.

Pole gives children a real advantage and a kick start to any other chosen sport or school activity they get involved with.


Vertical pole gymnastics offer very best in body and mind conditioning, even better then the rope at the gymnasium...

The pole offers stability and is therefore easier and has more range of exercises to choose from. 

Poles are not in many gymnasiums because the ceiling heights are so high, catering to Horizontal Bars & Trampolining.

Give yourself a real advantage and understand the difference by visiting Pole Fitness Studios website.

Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of
vertical pole gymnastics 

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