Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Looking for Pole Fitness a gymnastic/circus fun gym challenge for all ages in Sydney Australia...

Vertical pole is unlike any other gymnastics, apparatus or the floor skills on offer because the pole acts as a support/balance aid. 


Offering an undeniably fun aerodynamic sensation. 

Pole Fitness feels floaty and challenges your muscles at the same time, disguising the workout aspect completely... given the correct formula. 

Making it perfect for building strength and stretching into the best shape you can be in.

No wonder pole gymnasts are loud and proud, they are addicted!

Why make it hard on yourself at the gym

It's super boring in comparison to pole, takes more time out of your day plus you need a personal trainer to really body sculpt correctly.... this takes hard work and can get pricey. 

Vertical pole gymnastics is a hobby and interest not just a gym.

This pole program tailors the amount you are able to achieve, to what your body is comfortable doing. Meanwhile working on what you actually need to improve! 

Calisthenics; prominently using large groups of muscles and your own bodies weight...

This means you achieve perfect body sculpt results guaranteed, while mastering the huge range of interesting gymnastics exercises e.g. handstands, flips, spins, cartwheels, flags, climbs, walkovers etc.

Pole Fitness changes the way you feels about exercise, your fitness level and makes you feel better about your yourself immediately after trying it! 

Try a class today at Pole Fitness Studios with Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics.

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