Sunday, 25 January 2015

Looking for love; pole/exercise program, located in the Inner West Sydney Australia...

When you try a vertical pole gymnastics class, you will fall in love...

I have yet to meet another pole sister or brother who don't Love vertical pole with all their heart once settling into this amazing sport!

Find yourself... 

  • Making the time to train as often as possible
  • Rearranging your work schedule and letting the boss know pole is a serious priority.
  • Feeling distressed and sore, when not able to pole train.
  • Proudly telling everyone how much they need to try a Pole Fitness class.
  • Finding peace in the fact you have found a complete, all in one, fitness training program for life. 
  • Feeling a sense of achievement and enjoying the constant progression/challenges vertical pole gymnastics offers. 

Being Australia Day - I would like to take a moment to thank all our loving forefathers who fought for our rights... freedom of speech is the reason vertical pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios is available for us, to love forever more!

Does Australia Day remind you how wonderful it is to live in this amazing country and have the freedom to pole?

Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of
vertical pole gymnastics

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