Thursday, 4 September 2014

Steph Magiros displays beautiful Pole Fitness progression!

Olympic Gymnast Champion Stephanie Magiros ripped up the pole in our climbing session this week...

Mastering all 7 pole climbing styles offered, even the advanced Umbrella Climb and was Spinning with ease; as displayed in this picture showing her in a No Handed Body Wrap Carousel.
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Vertical Pole Gymnastics
One Handed Body Wrap Carousel

There was a small change she made, that did make a big difference... Pole Gloves!

Taking the edge off, for the many Poler's out there, who have excessive sweaty hand issues

Pole Fitness Studios and Steph Magiros highly recommend to use the patent leather gloves (shiny not flat finish) for best sticking performance.

For excessive sweaty feet issues, I recommend Dry Hands lightly rubbed on the pole.

A small amount of Dry hands is fantastic on your hands, back of knees and inside elbows to enhance stick and Pole Fitness performance.

However pole enhancement products or gloves do not compensate for correct technique and perfect form. 

Making me extremely proud of Steph's excellent vertical pole gymnastics progression this week!

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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