Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pole Fitness Industry; have you done your TM homework?

It's imperative to be aware of who owns what trademark, prior to starting a new business or you will be risking not just your reputation... 

Legal costs, advertising expenses, loss of all existing marketing materials and correcting this common mistake, wastes precious business time. 

Trademark and copyright ownership's are not always well advertised and when in violation.. All costs incurred, are paid by you, the violator!

IP & Trademark ownership is individual to each country on a first in, first served basis and has nothing to do with purchasing URL's or your Business Name Registration.
Angela Perry - Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Trademark number... 1219684

This means you are still able to gain ownership of these things but not legally allowed to advertise them.

Example; Australian businesses already own...

You are breaking the law if you advertise any trademark owned by another or use protected intellectual property. 

Reminder - The infringement penalty includes fines and all legal expenses to be paid by the those who do the wrong thing.

Did you know these Pole Fitness(c) Trade Marks existed?

By Angela Perry 

Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Vertical Pole Gymnastics by
Pole Fitness Studios (c)

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