Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Pole Fitness New Flash; PFS© Sports Smoothie recipe to help strengthen/tone you up faster!

I am in heaven right now sipping on a PFS© Sports Smoothie after teaching a four hour session of vertical pole gymnastics!

I can literally feel my body thanking me with every sip... This healthy recipe is a MUST TRY for any and all who workout.

Fuel the muscles immediately after working out with no delay makes all the difference to muscle growth and fat reduction. 

Tone up faster with a Sports Smoothie now available at Pole Fitness Studios©.
PFS© Sports Smoothie 
Fresh made daily and to order, a blend of super foods and sweet fruits guaranteed to be an energy enhancer and boost your metabolism!

Recipe needs to be double blended in this order of ingredients and frozen in the cup for 15 minutes to make a very satisfying 675 ml PFS© Sports Smoothie - 
5 x Ice Cubes
50 g x Fresh Baby Spinach
60 g x Honey
45 g x Blueberries 
40 g x Strawberries
50 g x Mango
1 g x Chia Seeds
10 g x Mixed Grain Breakfast Cereal
200 ml of  Milk 
80 g x Yogurt
1 x Banana OR a Small Red/Green Apple - cored unpeeled

(depending on your taste pallet; the red apple adds a sweet crisp finish and the green apple has a tart fresh finish) 

Only the very best for my pole gymnasts, these PFS© Sports Smoothies are full of fresh food using only the finest quality ingredients.

Cost - $10 and can be a complete light meal supplement. 

Try one today!
Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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