Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pole Fitness© Health Tips; Looking for a workout that will flatten and tighten your Abs without having to do Crunches or Sit ups?

Please do not look down at your tummy, feel sad or beat yourself up ever again because here is the solution to your abdominal strength and it is totally fun...

How nice it is to simply learn how to hang, yes hang!

By simply relaxing into certain pole exercise set ups, you are activating your entire abdominal zone plus you are stretching and strengthening your muscles at the same time.

Simply following the Pole Fitness© Instructor while on your own pole.

How nice it is to learn how to master one of the 25 different Handstand or Headstand styles offered in a Pole Fitness Studios© class... often people do this for the very first time in their life and within a matter of a few classes.

BAM your abs are sorted for life because Handstand and Headstands are highly addictive and you can do them anywhere with correct formula!

Flip/inverts, Climbs and many Locks and Holds also on offer in a Pole Fitness© class, have a squat or crunch like activity literally hiding within the formula required to master the exercise.

How nice it is to find the best hobby and interest on earth, keeping you both active and highly entertained for life.

OMG do pole and you will look down at the six pack of abs you now naturally sport!

No crunches or sit ups required, simply 'hang' out at Pole Fitness Studios©
Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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