Friday, 21 April 2017

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Are you a handstand brother or soul sister?

Why master the floaty sensation of a handstand?

With loads of beautiful shapes and so much variety of Handstand bases to build upon; 

Mastering the shoulders, mastering the hips and mastering the feet allowing you to eventually master the complete body shape required for a handstand.

The eye line discipline required to hold that shape is a fun challenge too.

Why do it?

Because a Handstand activates every single muscle in your body and the flexors so get you strong and flexible with an undeniable floaty lightweight sensation making for a thrilling experience!

The side effects are abs of steel shoulder and chest strength and a glute and thigh workout.

Mastering the build of a handstand is not only good for the body but absolutely wonderful for the mind... The goals, the confidence, and the fitness side effects are well worth the dedication involved

Like any good building or structure it takes precision engineering, a formula, Pole Fitness Studios will teach you a variety of ways to build a handstand that works best for you.

Strengthen from the ground up, know your exits and be confident with your handstand build. 
PFS masters in the aerodynamic techniques required for you to be the best gymnast you can be.

Angela Perry

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