Saturday, 18 June 2016

Sport News Alert; Looking for entertainment and a Workout/Fitness Program... Pole Fitness is different to Pole Dancing

The variety within life shouldn't be dismissed or thrown into the same basket simply due to mere similarity.

The fact is programming defines the sport.

In the dance world for example it is what depicts the difference in styles, Hip Hop and Ballet for example.

In the gymnastics arena there is both Rhythmic and Artistic

In the Pole Industry there is both Pole Dancing and  Pole Fitness being  purely Artistic and Rhythmic Pole Gymnastics with absolutely no dance programming included.

The huge variety of pole gymnastics exercises keeps you on your toes and well entertained for life

Having a fabulously conditioned body by way of Pole Fitness means all styles of movement, are more fun to experience.

Pole Fitness conditions you and entertains you for life a Win Win!  

Did you think Pole Dancing and Pole Sports like Pole Fitness where the same?

By Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics 

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