Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pole Fitness Studios© News & Health Tips; How to protect your Joints and care for your Feet!

When you feel your lower joints failing or hurting, blame your feet!

Did you know the natural arch in your foot is often responsible, especially given time, for stressing your joints?

Simply walking around is enough with limited arch support.

Generally speaking there are a few easy ways to go when it comes to loving your feet...

- See the Physiotherapist or Pediatrist and add a foot arch support or wear Orthotic shoes/slippers in Winter or/& thong version in Summer.

- Pediatrists are available to operate, cut, dig and correct most all foot issues and nail problems well worth a visit to an office and some do home visits.

- Exercise is always the best medicine - preventative measures by strengthening both sets of your muscles to protect the joints; small and large.

Calisthenics training tailors itself to your needs by working with your own body weight and by stretching and strength building you at the same time, making it perfect for strengthening/protecting joints...



Pole Fitness© offer all sorts of fab foot grips ideal for Locks & Holds and Climbing the pole, excellent for strengthening and protecting your joints.

Find a fitness program that is fun and start pole calisthenic training today!
Angela Perry
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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