Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pole Fitness News & Health; The many different faces of Pole... Pole Gymnastics, Pole Dancing, Chinese Pole, Pole Climbing, Pole Yoga/Mallakhamba, Pool Pole and more!

Here is my two minute pictorial promotion on the wonderful sport of vertical pole gymnastics...

Showing off the variety and different types of pole programs you can watch or go learn.

Highlighting (I hope) that pole has an extended past of prestige and is a collection of motor skills, using a gymnastic apparatus. 

There is bound to be one that you like or perhaps that you can relate to trying when you where a kid or possibly even as an adult.

Vertical pole gymnastics is an ideal fun fitness and sport for everyone.

Your feedback is more than welcome, enjoy & Please Share...

Angela Perry 
Director Pole Fitness Studios
Sydney Australia

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