Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pole Fit News; Looking for sanctuary/safe haven community for all Spiritual Minds incl. Gay, Hindu, Atheist, Jews, Christians and Ex-Muslims?

Having long time Muslim students, who love Pole Fitness Studios modernized vertical pole gymnastics sports program and who join in with the co-ed and Gay friendly classes, this studio has on offer.

Angela Perry Director Pole Fitness Studios
have always encouraged, Multicultural assimilation and would never wish to alienate anyone. 

And considering, for the first time ever, I was 'tagged' in extreme ‘porn spam’ on Twitter a few days ago and again last night on Facebook. 
(Facebook Spam From - Jose Do Carmo Jose in Brazil)

I would like to make it very clear to ALL my friends and students, why I am proudly supporting the Reclaim Australia Rally - Australia wide

I love everyone therefore I must ask; Where is the sanctuary/safe haven being Country or place, for all spiritual mentalities, Gay people plus ex Muslims and Christians…

For example; We have migrants from Muslim societies, who have come to Australia for their sanity/sanctuary, to get away from the loud speakers preaching the Quran, while calling ‘everyone’ to prayer 5 times a day;

Including the un-official or official enforcement of Sharia Law on their community, like gender segregation, specific attire therefore attitudes?

Islam is not the same as the democratic loving religions that all other people are accustomed to.  The Quran bans democracy and is actually an ideology, a set of laws for life and Religious belief therefore Practice, all rolled into one! (This is what they preach and teach)

So unfortunately Islam has many humanitarian (woman, gay, animal rights) issues attached; loads of current news & research matter on this subject to explore.

Asian, Western & Islamic Communities are all guilty of adultery, violence, thieves, murderers and even Paedophiles… 

However only Islam has extreme terrorism in the name of Allah OR Halal Certification Schemes/scams OR Teach that Mohamed’s primitive paedophilia behavior, is the ideal representation of how to live today.

Angela Perry Director Pole Fitness Studios
Hoping that our peaceful Muslim community would be best equipped and happy to assist with, helping to sort the very apparent obstacles; now effecting our own community’s future.

I believe that my Muslim students, friends and family, who ‘truly’ believe that the law of the land comes first and foremost, are also in full support of No Sharia Law in Australia and should stand up and join us at this Rally.

We are a peaceful Rally and have Muslim and Aboriginal speakers, all showing respect to this purely patriotic cause!  

Here are the 5 x Community Development Questions I have been asking...

1. Name one Western Country that has had a positive effect on the non-Muslims after Islam's Sharia Law has been introduced?

2. Name one Western Country that has not had Sharia Law requested by their local Muslim Community after settling in and populating? 

3. Are we all destined to be Islamic or are segregation areas inevitable?

4. What is the position regarding assimilation for Islamic Sharia Laws in the Western Culture?

5. What is the position regarding assimilation for our Democratic Australian Laws in the Islamic Culture?

My Personal View... It's Primitive; If we all go back to 'Abraham' the very first person who we 'all' agree, actually said what we all need to know, perhaps Moses but then STOP because your Moral Compass has been created.

Abraham helps us to understand that in this day and age, when in Australia;

No practice of any religion should DOMINATE over the other or the ‘Laws of our land’, people must assimilate.

Allowing for Freedom, Love and Respect for all Australian people, within Australia’s Future Laws.

Let’s engage in intellectual conversation regarding this most relevant, yet controversial subject.

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