Thursday, 15 January 2015

Is Pole Dancing the same as Pole Fitness, Indian Mallakhamb and Chinese Pole?

Pole Fitness(c) or vertical pole gymnastics is a combination of the pre-existing Circus art Chinese Pole and an exercise sport called Indian Mallakhamb.

All these are extremely similar due to being a set of skills or sport, appropriate to do and watch for all age groups. The exercises are the same; apart from some small variations in the equipment that limit or expand the range of exercises available to the gymnast.

Pole Dancing is a combination of dance, traditionally burlesque in style combined with pole sport exercises.
Often includes high heels & scant themed clothing inevitably making Pole Dancing only appropriate for adults.
It is the teaching of two separate skill sets; dance and pole skills. Chinese Pole is thousands of years old and a well respected performance art, for the Kings and Queens of the era. 
They are not pole dancers and when you visit a Chinese Pole Training Facility, you will not learn how to dance... they teach you how to climb, flip, lock and jump from pole to pole, on the coated thin tall poles and super heavy/thick matting for safety.  

Indian Mallakhamb is hundreds of years old an acrobatic and gymnastics training program primarily for children... No dancing found here either. 
In an Indian Mallakhamb Training Facility you will learn how to climb, flip, lock on to a wooden pole or rope. 
The coaches spot each student for added safety.

Pole Fitness is our modern vertical pole gymnastics training program, ideal for all ages.
Learn how to climb, flip, lock, handstand and spin on a stainless steel spinning pole.
Technical aerodynamic training that requires a skilled coach and no spotter! 
No shoes, sexy costumes or dance moves/tuition included at all. 

All dance styles have their own technical training requirements and Vertical Pole Gymnastics has completely different technical training requirements again.
There are literally hundreds of amazing aerodynamic exercises to learn and master!

Has this article helped clarify what should be obvious differences between pole dance and the other pole sports available?

Angela Perry
Leader in the field 
of vertical pole gymnastics 

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