Sunday, 21 September 2014

Why do people get 'Vertical Pole Gymnastics' and 'Pole Dancing' confused?

It's easy to understand why, when Pole Dancers of the past few decades, have been adding more and more gymnastics to the vertical pole, they are already swinging on.

Mixing the adult striptease dance style, together with any other activity, does not taint that activity forever, rather highlighting it... In the case of our Pole Fitness Industry causing mass confusion and recognition for vertical pole gymnastics, the existing sport!

Vertical Pole Gymnastics
Chinese Pole Performance
When Indian Mallahkamb and Chinese Pole were here first, it would be simply disrespectful to not recognize the Pole Fitness Industry independently from striptease or Pole Dancing; being the combination of both.
Be aware of Pole Dance studios cashing in on the respectable vertical pole gymnastics Fitness Industry 

vertical pole gymnastics
Indian Mallahkamb
Best to know if you are going to a Vertical Pole Gymnastics class, or an adult Industry Pole Dancing class... a niche market place and particular taste level... Wearing high heels, offering burlesque, lap dancing classes, mixing in striptease dance moves with some pole gymnastics. 

vertical pole gymnastics
Vertical Pole Gymnastics 

Why mix dance into your pole fitness Regime when there are thousands of amazing pole gymnastics exercises to learn and master?! 

We need to concentrate on the fundamentals of these aerodynamic pole exercises, individually, to really master them safely. Naturally broadening the range of  gymnastic exercises to workout with and display!

Mix with any other stuff, if you desire  (e.g. any dance style or flame throwing, playing an instrument etc.) easily, after you have mastered the pole gym skills!

By Angela Perry 
Leader in the field of vertical pole gymnastics

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